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If you have a cavity, we urge you to see your dentist as soon as possible because unaddressed cavities can spread and become harder to treat. They could even result in the need for root canal therapy to save the tooth. By learning to identify the symptoms of a cavity, you can seek treatment now before the tooth decay becomes advanced.

Because you may not immediately recognize a cavity, it’s important that you always visit our dentist every six months so that our team can inspect your smile for vulnerable areas and work toward preventing serious issues. However, if you suspect you have a cavity now, don’t wait until your next scheduled checkup to have it looked at.

Dental pain is a common early sign of cavities. Some patients experience consistent tooth pain, while others only feel it when they bite down. The sudden development of tooth sensitivity can also be an indicator that a cavity is forming. Some cavities are even visible as black or dark brown spots or even visible holes in the surface of your teeth.

When a cavity is detected early, treatment is fairly conservative. Our team may be able to place a simple bonding if tooth decay has not breached the tooth enamel. If the tooth enamel has been compromised, we may need to remove the decay and refill the tooth.

If you are interested in learning more about the signs of a cavity, please feel free to contact Carson Valley Dental Arts at 775-782-7169 today. Dr. Stuart Drange, our dentist, would be happy to take a look at your smile and determine if you need treatment for a cavity in Gardnerville, Nevada.