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How knowledgeable are you on the various working parts within your jaw? One of the most important joints within your jaws is known as the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ for short. TMJs are a complex mechanism consisting of connective tissues, muscles, ligaments and ball and socket joints that are working together to produce effective jaw movements. To test your knowledge of TMJs, take the following quiz:

Question 1: Which of the following definitions most closely describes TMJs?
A: ball-and-socket joints in your jaw
B: damage to your teeth
C: gum tissue
D: a cleaning tool for your tongue

Question 2: Which of the following is a risk factor for a TMJ disorder?
A: dislocations with your teeth and jaw
B: bruxism
C: arthritis
D: all of the above

Question 3: Which of the following is a typical treatment that can be used for TMJ disorders?
A: night guards
B: teeth whitening treatments
C: bite plates
D: both A and C

Question 4: Which of the following is a potential benefit of caring for your TMJs?
A: functionality for opening and closing your mouth
B: full rotation of your jaw
C: functionality for eating, speaking and chewing
D: all of the above

Answer Key:
A, D, D, D

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