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In order for a tooth to function effectively, it will need to be safe from dental damage. However, if a tooth has been impaired due to an oral accident or injury, it may be possible to restore the functionality of a tooth once more if a tooth restoration such as a dental crown is effectively placed. Dental crowns can protect and conceal teeth on all sides to give your mouth a solid and durable dental profile once more.

If your smile requires an oral enhancement due to previous dental damage, a highly effective treatment to consider is a dental crown. Even teeth that are severely damaged due to oral accidents and injuries may be repaired or restored thanks to dental crowns. In some situations, teeth that are broken apart or are decaying can be restored once again with a single dental crown. Dental crowns are known for their durability because they can effectively protect teeth for numerous decades.

In situations where you have a lack of treatment options, dental crowns may be able to restore the functionality to a tooth that otherwise would need to be extracted. For instances in which a dental filling is needed for a tooth, but not enough tooth remains, a dental crown can bind the tooth and filling together for a durable hold. In addition, dental crowns can be inserted over previous tooth restorations and replacements such as implants, root canals, and dental bridges for an added layer of protection. If any irregularities exist with a tooth, and a customizable tooth restoration treatment option is required, consider the benefits that dental crowns can provide.

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