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How confident are you that you are doing enough to keep your smile clean? Is your oral health care and hygiene up to the task to ensure your teeth can remain strong for decades to come? Do you brush twice every single day as well as floss once a day as well? If you do not, it is important that you begin to, as these two methods of cleaning your teeth have proven to be highly successful. By following a simple plan of washing away debris and clearing away plaque buildup in your mouth, it can give your smile a much greater chance for oral health success.

Although there is no set timeline on how long it should take you to brush your teeth each session, a good pace to try to maintain is about two to three minutes. This will allow you to clean all areas of a tooth and do so gently and slowly enough to clean your teeth as needed. However, it is imperative that once you’re finished, that you store your brush in a safe location. If you fail to do this, your brush can become subject to further cross-contamination and lead to issues associated with toothbrush failure. Even if your toothbrush is kept clean, it can slowly wear down over time, so it will need to be replaced every few months.

Make sure to always floss on a daily basis. When flossing, take your time and gently use your floss as required to clean between every single tooth. Try to angle your floss in a ‘c’ shape so you can reach all sides of a tooth to knock loose plaque and bacteria that may link between teeth. For additional help, visit your dentist for product recommendations and suggestions. If traditional dental floss is not working as it is intended to or if previous restorations are impeding its progress, try using a water flosser as an alternative.

When you are ready to take the next step in your oral health care, contact us about cleaning your teeth and gums. Schedule an appointment with Carson Valley Dental Arts at our dentist office in Gardnerville, Nevada, by calling us at 775-782-7169. Dr. Stuart Drange and our team look forward to helping you decide which options will work best in your quest for a better smile.