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Did you know that tooth hazards can arise from the foods you eat and the drinks you drink? Even something as simple as a late-night snack can lead to severe dental damage down the road. Furthermore, some products are more dangerous than others in regard to your oral health care safety. Thus, exercise caution with your oral health and avoid the following tooth hazards:

– To limit immediate dental damage, avoid tooth hazard risks such as opening products with your mouth. Your teeth are not designed to open products such as bottles or plastic packaging, as they can seriously damage your teeth and your gums. Instead, use scissors or a proper bottle opener to open packaging as needed.

– Avoid snacking throughout the day, as it can lead to an increased rate at which tooth decay can occur. To help keep your mouth fresh and clean and free of any debris, include your snacks in your larger meals.

– Avoid overly sugary products and drinks including sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juice. These products are known tooth hazard risks because they can be converted into acids that contribute to dental erosion.

– To protect your smile from tooth hazards such as the foods you eat, be careful of any sticky or chewy foods that you are consuming. This includes gummy candies and other products that linger in your mouth long after eating them. If you’re consuming any products that are sticking to your teeth and gums, you could be causing damage to your smile.

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